Apple Authorized Service Provider

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Business requirements

Organizations applying for Service Provider status are required to have been in operation for a reasonable period, with audited financial records available for review by Apple. A credit line is required and must be agreed with the Apple Finance team in the appropriate region. The organization should actively promote the Apple brand as part of their business along with AppleCare service and support products.

Applicants who do not meet these requirements may still apply if there are special circumstances, as each application is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


The organization must maintain a commercial walk-in service location with dedicated service personnel in an easily accessible location. The premises must include a clean and presentable reception area for customers who require a walk-in service, and a secure workshop area for repairs, storage of parts and incoming units for repair. A residential address is not acceptable as a Service Location unless agreed by specific arrangement.

Technician Certification

Service Providers are required to use Apple Certified Macintosh Technicians when conducting diagnostics, Covered Repairs, modifications, alterations and upgrades on Apple products. For every thirty Apple repairs conducted each week, a service provider should employ at least one Certified Technician.

Becoming certified to repair Apple Macintosh systems requires passing both a software exam and hardware exam at an Authorized Prometric Testing Center. Certifications are renewed on an annual basis via recertification examinations.

The Apple Training website provides detailed information about Apple Certifications, preparatory courses, exam registration, and exam fees.

Mac OS and Apple hardware self-paced training for recertification is provided online without additional charge via our service provider portal, Global Service Exchange.

Operational requirements

Service Providers are required to meet Apple’s standards at all times with regard to service levels, certification of technicians and availability of service to customers. Apple typically audits and reviews Service Providers to ensure these high standards are consistently met.

For more detailed information on the requirements for Service Provider status please take a look at the Requirements document, available for download.