David Bradley

Chief Technology Officer | Partner

David Bradley founded Exceed Technologies alongside company president Jeremy Bandre in 2000. The duo set out in the very beginning to provide the state with its only all-in-one technology company, offering the greatest service and largest number of technology solutions in one place.

Exceed is important to me because we’ve always focused on the customer by doing what’s right above what’s easy or profitable. It may take longer to do a neat wiring job, and it may be the middle of July in an attic.  But it’s important to do the job the best way and get it right the first time. It’s customer service, but it goes beyond that because then we don’t have to spend time going back and correcting things.

As Chief Technology Officer, David manages the company’s technical assets, performing daily maintenance on networking, hosting and ISP operations while monitoring any ongoing systems upgrades. David is also the company’s de facto catchall, finding solutions for especially complicated customer problems and projects.

Whether new capabilities are achieved by partnering with new vendors and service-providers or by growing internally, David is driven by the ability to offer the greatest level of customer service to Exceed Technologies’ business partners.

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