Leslie McKay

Vice President | Business Affairs

Leslie McKay knows maintaining an exciting workplace and employee moral leads to greater customer service and customer satisfaction, which is why she spends her days balancing human resource management and client relationships.

The environment here isn’t typical of other offices I’ve worked in. When it’s time to work we work well together, and when it’s time to play we do that together too. Because of that, we do a great job at what we do. We can do anything that is needed in the realm of technology, and we’re going to make sure we’ve done it right and maintain it when we’re done. That means a lot to our customers because they’re not having to outsource several pieces of the job.

Leslie has worked with Jeremy Bandre in one company or another for 15 years but has spent the better part of the last decade helping him maintain the employee-friendly, customer-focused reputation for which Exceed Technologies is known.

As Vice President of Business Affairs, Leslie handles everything from human resources and billing to acting as an advisory resource for other employees and managers.

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