Troy Waldrep

Technical Services Escalation Manager


CompTIA A+
CompTIA Network+
Cisco (CCENT)
Cisco (CCNA)
MAXfocus – Certified MAX Technician
MAXfocus – Certified MAX Professional
MAXfocus  - Backup Certified Technical Specialist

Troy spent his weekends as a 12- and 13-year-old at the mall, playing on thePackard Bell 286 computers for sale at SEARS. He became so familiar with the computers that he would help the staff repair when customers accidentally crashed the machines on display. 

I became friends with one of the ladies who worked in the computer department to the point that she would call me in if one of the computers needed to be fixed. From there I took basic programming classes in school and built my first computer at 17 or 18.

As Technical Services Escalation Manager, Troy walks through any advanced server issues experienced by Exceed Technology customers and helps maintain some of Exceed’s internal hosting servers. 

Troy helps Exceed customers subscribing to Exceed’s Business Advantage services avoid problems by remotely monitoring their equipment performance and keeping customers on a routine maintenance schedule.

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