Cloud Hosting

Save time and money

Don’t spend your valuable time maintaining and upgrading servers at your business. Exceed Technologies can house your server data remotely on our servers, saving you time, money, and plenty of headaches.

Exceed technicians do the hard work of maintaining our cloud hosting server hardware and software so and all you need is an internet connection.

“Cloud hosting has taken away the need for all these small companies to have servers in their offices. They can truly work from home or the office and run their software. They can do it from home, vacation, or their iPad without worrying about a $6,000 server and backup drives. This has transformed the way most businesses operate and it’s really affordable even for the little guys.”

Jeremy Bandre

Benefits of cloud hosting

It’s virtual

Imagine racks of servers, humming along in a data center. Together, these servers become a massive pool of resources. Divide this “pool” into multiple virtual servers, and you create a “cloud.”

It’s flexible and scaleable

Since virtual servers aren’t physical, they are super flexible, giving you what you need at the moment. Spin up a server in minutes, and take it down just as easily.

It’s open (or closed)

In the open cloud, you can easily move your cloud around—without being locked into one provider or a closed, proprietary technology.

It can be secure

For the utmost security, create a private cloud on dedicated hardware. But always remember to put appropriate security measures in place, no matter which cloud you choose.

It can be affordable

You’ll get the greatest cost savings in the public cloud, where your virtual servers run on physical servers that you share with other customers.

It can be secure AND affordable

A hybrid cloud gives you the benefits of both public and private clouds. For example, you can put public-facing components in a public cloud, while storing customer-sensitive data in a private cloud.

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