Jeremy Bandre



CompTIA A+
CompTIA Project+

In 1999, Jeremy Bandre saw the number of full-service technology companies in Mississippi were severely lacking. Where most companies were compartmentalizing services, Bandre wanted to offer the customer a single, one-stop technology experience so he could control the level of customer service from the cabling stage all the way up to server maintenance and email hosting.

Ultimately, our goal is to provide customer service the way we would want it given to us by our vendors. It’s my job to put the right team leaders in place to execute that customer service and keep them focused on that goal. I spend my days working with the highest technology talent, and that’s super fun, intense, but fun. It’s my dream job.

Jeremy has grown the company from himself and CTO David Bradley to a staff of 50 spread over four regional offices in central and northeast Mississippi. As the company’s president, Jeremy works to maintain an environment that will attract talented employees and an expectation that employees improve themselves constantly and consistently over the course of their employment.

Knowing the satisfaction of providing a customer with unparalleled tech service drives Jeremy to push his employees to expand their capabilities and do things right the first time.

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