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Phone Systems & Services

We can help you grow your business by modernizing your company’s phone system. Moving your phone system to the cloud will provide numerous advantages to your company.

Our Internet-based phone system adapts to your economic challenges and brings flexibility and adaptability to your business communication needs. Our cloud solutions provide you with the highest level of security, without requiring hardware upgrades. This will save you time and money!

BECOME MOBILE: Cloud-based VOIP systems do not require you to have a physical phone system in your business. This affords customers the ability to install handsets anywhere in the world and still maintain extension dialing between people or offices. Utilizing the Internet, VOIP phones, smartphones, tablets and computers have the ability to send/receive business-related phone calls, from your company’s telephone number, anywhere in the world.

SAVE MONEY: Your fixed monthly price includes everything you need. This monthly price includes local and long distance, hardware, software, licenses and support. Premium features can be added to any service plan, allowing you to properly budget for your telecommunication needs. Customers no longer have to worry about spending thousands of dollars upgrading their phone system and handsets.

STAY SECURE: Utilizing secure and multi-homed data centers, our VOIP phone systems run on the latest hardware and software. All systems have multiple Internet sources, mitigating downtime for cloud customers. Whether using smartphones, computers, or IP handsets, customers no longer have to be concerned about security issues plaguing their business phones and telecommunications.

UNLOCK POTENTIAL: One benefit is your ability to utilize your smartphone just as if you were sitting in your office. Your smartphone can securely integrate into the phone system giving you the flexibility you deserve. When subscribing to our virtual phone system, customers unlock many features that would normally require system upgrades and additional hardware fees.

Whether you need an analog phone system for your small business or a more complex digital voice-over-IP system plugged into your network, Exceed Technologies is your solution.

We will work with your team to find the right phone, system, and even network to meet your needs.

Our technicians can come to your office to make recommendations based on your specific needs, work with our licensed vendors to find the right system and install the system just the way you need. And when your system needs servicing, our technicians are standing by.