Jesse Bandre

Director | North MS Operations


CompTIA A+
CompTIA Network+
Samsung 7100

After spending eight years as an Exceed Technologies technician, Jesse Bandre found himself frequently driving to underserved Northeast Mississippi cities. A marketing analysis showed a great gap in reliable technology service providers in the northern part of the state, to which Jesse responded with Exceed Technologies’ first satellite office.

We’re truly the only full-service technology company in Mississippi. There is no greater feeling than helping people in a way that others can’t or won’t. Being appreciated in that way is the greatest feeling — whether it’s helping a clinic set up one computer, removing a virus or repairing a crashed server after hours at a large company.

As Director of North Mississippi Operations, Jesse meets the needs of clients from Tupelo all the way to Tennessee. He oversees a staff of 13 technicians, administrators and sales associates as they work to find solutions for the more than 400 business partners the Tupelo office serves.

As a technician, Exceed Technologies customers drive Jesse’s desire to improve his growing staff of service technicians continuously. As the leader of North Mississippi operations, his employees drive him to improve the workplace environment constantly.

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